Writing a budget summary report

Decide which kind of information needs to be in the report. Be as precise as possible.

Writing a budget summary report

Transaction Summary The Budget Summary includes budgeted amounts, encumbrances, transaction totals, and budget balances and is the online equivalent to the printed BSR. Open Balances are outstanding commitments on a budget for orders or contracts placed through the Ariba system eProcurement.

This report is not limited by access; anyone with access to MyFD may look at the Budget Summary Report for any budget. To view the Budget Summary Report: Expenditures are categorized by account codes.


If there was activity in an account code during the reporting period, the account code and description will be blue links; click on these to see more detail in the Transaction Summary report. To the right of the Budgeted Amount is the Total Prior Transactions; this is the total amount spent, by account code, between the budget period start date and the beginning of the reporting period displayed.

The reporting period Transactions indicates the amount spent during the reporting period displayed. Encumbrances may be included or excluded in the remaining amount by clicking on the "Include Encumbrances" checkbox. How do I find my budget balance?

writing a budget summary report

Budget balances are located on the Budget Summary, but are found in slightly different places for state or grant budgets than for revenue-generating budgets.

Determine if your budget is a state, grant or a revenue generating budget while looking at the Budget Summary: If there is a single green line at the bottom of the report that says "Total Expenditures" or a green line and an additional gray "Total Revenue" line, read this like a state or grant budget If there is a "Total Expenditures" line, gray "Total Revenue" line AND a green "Cumulative Net Income or Loss" line, this is a revenue-generating budget State or Grant Budgets: Click here to view a rollover demonstration of how to find the budget balance for a state or grant budget.

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Generally speaking, the balance on a self-sustaining budget is the difference between the total expenditures and total revenue.

However, it is essential that you understand how your department manages and maintains these budgets. There are different ways of managing these types of budgets that may affect how this report can be read and consequently, where the budget balance is located.

Use of this column will affect how the budget balance is seen on the report. Parenthesis indicate a loss and no parenthesis represent income. Click here to view a rollover demonstration of how to find the budget balance for a self-sustaining budget.

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For these few budgets, the necessary course of action for identifying the budget balance is to speak with your budget administrator or person in charge of budget revisions for your unit about how these funds are used and managed within your department.Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel) The Federal Human Resources Office (J1/Manpower & Personnel Directorate) provides personnel support services for the Air National Guard and the Army National Guard.

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writing a budget summary report

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A listing of budget documents from FY to FY , including budget in briefs, fact sheets, overviews, and links to OMB overviews.

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