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Full Answer Early astronomers believed that the world was a flat disc surrounded by water.

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The topics of an essay might range,but essay writing involves a lot of skills including the art of communicating thoughts and narratives.

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Essays can be instinctive, non-fiction, explanatory, descriptive or the focus of the writing may be politics, daily life recollections,and observations.

Today essay is a medium through which we can say everything about anything. Though the essay has a limitation of being short and one possibly cannot explain everything in one essay, this limitation is overcome when a group of essays collectively explain a thing or more.

In the modern world, the essay is one of the most important tools of formal education. In a formal setup, students are taught about the skills of essay writing including the formal formats with an aim to increase both writing andcommunicative skills.

In such scenarios, students are asked to explain or write about a topic in the form of an essay. Essay writing is without any doubt one of the globally recognized techniques for communicating or describing thoughts, ideas or many other things. Essay, as explained, can be anything about everything, boundaries are set to recognize many types of essays so that the classification gets easy.

Such classification of essays include: These types of essays are written about situations and issues that exist in real life,and these essays tend to persuade the readers to acknowledge and take action.

While writing such kinds of essays, the author has to very confident and show some authority as well. This type of essay is comparatively difficult because a person can be all persuasive in real life, but the writing lacks the personal connection.

The aim of the author in the descriptive type of essay is to present a very clear picture of any kind of event, person. The details offered in descriptive essay enable the reader to imagine the things that are described in the essay and paint a vivid picture of the same.

These essays tend to provide every minute detail of what is described. These essays are typically written in the first person past tense or first person present.

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Narrative essays mainly reflect the narrations or experiences of a person. Written in the first form, narrative essays follow the development of events or person through a chain of events and reflections.

It is all in writing. That is why the view has to be really strong because if an essay loses a bit of its credibility, it eventually loses a reader too. A connection needs to be established with the reader in the writing and make sure that you do not come across too pushy.

Cause and effect essays: This type of essay explains how things happen and what happens in the aftermath. The study in these essays revolves around events that unfold and the results caused by such events. Compare and contrast essays: These types of essays are written to either entertain or convince the reader.

The focus of this type of essay writing is to create a list of similarities or differences between two entities. These entities can be a person, place, religion,etc. As the name suggests, compare essays are focussed around similarities and contrast essays talk about the differences.

As the names suggest, these essays focus on the abstract concepts in very specific terms.

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These types of essays give an in-depth understanding of meanings in a way more direct and deeper than the common dictionaries. Process essays are also known as step-by-step guides.Henry Kreisel’s “The Broken Globe,” was published in The Literary Review (Summer ) by Fairleigh Dickinson University in Rutherford, New Jersey.

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View Essay - Week Final SCM Globe Executive Summary Paper Directives (2) from ASCM at University of Maryland, University College. SCM Globe Executive Summary (ES) 94%(16).

A globe is a three-dimensional object that accurately depicts the geometry of the Earth, while a flat map is a two-dimensional representation that has some distortions. Although globes are more accurate, maps are easier to use. The Earth is a spherical object, and since a globe shares the same shape.

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