Surface runoff

The yellow lines represent flows computed by the surface runoff modules. Hortonian surface runoff, soil infiltration, impervious storage processes, and optionally cascading Hortonian flow and surface-depression storage processes. The cascading flow and surface-depression storage options are described in other training videos. Hortonian surface runoff computed from impervious, pervious, and surface depression fractions can flow directly to the stream network and cascade from HRU to HRU.

Surface runoff

Physics tag[ edit ] I removed the physics topic tag on the talk page because it does not help at all to consider surface runoff within physics. Surface runoff best comes under hydrology which is a composite science.

Surface runoff use and handling has become a focal point mainly since passage of NEPA It should be noted that the CWA did not include the stormwater program requirements; they were added in the amendments.

I suggest those references be deleted or replaced with the laws more directly on point, i. These programs were associated with growing concern over pollution in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Somebody should fix that I would, but I really don't know how Instructions on how to edit a page are at WP: What is described here is their definition of overland flow: Admittedly, I am still gathering facts and could be off base.

From what I have found so far, the problems commonly associated with the term "surface runoff" involve not just visible flows, but also rapid flows beneath the surface. The important dividing line is between water that rapidly reaches streams following rainfall, and water that is retained and released over long periods of time.

For example, a surface layer of sandy soil, or any soil with poor water retaining capacity, will pass water quickly but not visibly. The visible surface flows such as shown by the photo at the top of the page are probably only a fraction of the problem flows.

This is an important distinction for anyone interested in whether the latest mutli-billion dollar stormwater management plan actually makes sense. Combustion of toxic e-waste in developing countries[ edit ] This might also be a very current topic related to runoff, yet ignored by the foreign authorities in China, Ghana, India, or Pakistan.

Poor inhabitants dismantle the electronic waste dumped there by foreign countries also the U. The highly-toxic ashes toxic due to dioxins which are produced by combustion of computer cases and PVC material in general will remain on the soil; and eventually, the rain will cause everything including the heavy metals etc.

McGraw Hill, Maidenhead, U. Vandals[ edit ] I found some vandals making the surface water definition as "gay" and such Howver, the new edition no longer has the "gaY" definition, but rather the OLD one Clonecommander talk Saturation excess overland flow[ edit ] In university we call saturation excess overland flow Dunne overland flow or Dunnian overland flow.

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Surface runoff

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If you found an error with any archives or the URLs themselves, you can fix them with this tool.Jun 22,  · Surface runoff can be generated either by rainfall, snowfall or by the melting of snow, or glaciers.

When the soil is saturated and the depression storage filled, and rain continues to fall, the rainfall will immediately produce surface runoff. The level of antecedent soil moisture is one factor. Water erosion is a mechanical process involving the energy from the impact of raindrops on soil surface, directly associated with rainfall kinetic energy and the shear stress corresponding to the surface runoff itself (Panachuki et al.

Physics tag. I removed the physics topic tag on the talk page because it does not help at all to consider surface runoff within physics. Surface runoff best comes under hydrology which is a composite science.

Runoff (surface water runoff) When rain or snow falls onto the earth, it just doesn't sit there, it starts moving according to the laws of gravity. Surface runoff is simply water flowing over land surfaces. Urban (city) runoff can come from many manmade sources, such as runoff from impervious surfaces, irrigation, washing vehicles, roofs, etc.

Natural, direct rainfall can also be the cause of surface runoff. When it rains, often more water hits the earth than can be absorbed by the ground. The excess water, called surface runoff, drifts into sewers or drains.

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