Pom harry paper

It has come to my attention that someone is posting under my name on forums. I almost never post on forums. The only forum I have posted on this year is Cutting through the Fog.

Pom harry paper

Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work Engineering inquiry and cooperative group work The Teacher Studio 7: Today we tackled day 3 of school, I wanted my students to apply some of the concepts we have been talking about--mostly about helping each other and being receptive to help.

I decided to design a little engineering challenge that would require them to stick to a tight schedule, come up a with a plan, try it out, cooperative, test their idea, then reflect on the process As our district is moving toward Pom harry paper Next Generation Science Standards, this is a perfect "kick off".

What engineering standards am I looking at? What engineering design challenge did we tackle? I wanted to create a task that was easy to prep, engaging for students, and had a high success rate. I think I accomplished it! What is the situation?

When I first told my students that we needed to help Harry, they looked at me like I was crazy. They will soon see that this is not an atypical situation in my room! They started looking around quizzically and you could feel the excitement building.

I introduced them to Harry.

Pom harry paper

Harry is a puffball We have had 7 of them perched above our Smartboard and no one has said a word! I told the students that I would give each team a bag of supplies and a schedule. I showed them their supplies pipe cleaners, about 12 inches of tape, two muffin liners, a piece of aluminum foil, and two index cards and told them to think about a nice safe place for Harry to hang out.

After 5 minutes of talking and planning without supplies, I set the timer for 15 minutes and watched the teams get to work. We will talk more about that tomorrow This group was SO excited about their plan and couldn't wait to see if Harry would be safe in his perch!

Every single team was able to test, modify, and support a Harry! When the testing and celebrating was over, we took some time in teams to evaluate how we did in all the areas we had talked about before we started. I was pretty pleased to see how honest they were! This was a great way to kick off a year of self-assessment strategies and to show my students that taking the time to reflect on learning and teamwork is so important.

It was a great discussion starter, collaboration-teaching, science skill building half hour of FUN! See what you think This time, I used a piece of foil, about 12 pipe cleaners, 12 inches of masking tape, two cupcake liners, 2 index cards, and a popsicle stick.

I considered using paper clips, a piece of yarn, a small paper cup, or a small paper plate. The task can be done using whatever you have! Want to try it yourself? Want to pin this for later? Want to see a few more engineering challenges?As promised here is the step by step tutorial for how to make tissue paper pom poms, also known as tissue paper balls, or tissue paper poofs.

These are surprisingly quick to put together and add an easy burst of colour to any room or party! Check out all of our tissue paper crafts here. You can get tissue paper at the dollar store, 20 pieces for $1. It’s that time again, my friends! The final half of the final movie of Harry Potter is released this Friday!

It’s the closing of an era, even if you’re not a huge Pottermaniac like I am. Buy Mainstays Deluxe Plush Pom Pom Trim Throw Blanket at alphabetnyc.com Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 8 Harry Potter Photo Booth Props Features Hogwarts ties, a Sorting Hat, a golden snitch, Harry’s glasses, and a lightning bolt.

Updates. ANNOUNCEMENT: It has come to my attention that someone is posting under my name on forums. So beware. I almost never post on forums.

The only forum I have posted on this year is Cutting through the alphabetnyc.com, someone was pretending to be me on Twitter.

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