Nyu mfa creative writing spanish

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Nyu mfa creative writing spanish

It is the mission of the department to teach students the basics of dramatic storytelling while preparing them for their futures as professional writers. Graduate students take writing workshops, text analysis courses, production process courses and pre-professional training courses throughout their two years.

Our students are educated broadly in each of the three mediums while providing specialized study in each, with emphasis on original work.

We believe that training writers in more than one medium makes them strong and flexible writers, who use the strengths of different mediums to enrich their work in all mediums.

Year 1 In the first year, all graduate students take introductory workshop classes in the three mediums of playwriting, screenwriting and television writing.

They are required to write an original full length play, full length screenplay, half hour TV spec script and one hour TV pilot.

Nyu mfa creative writing spanish

Students will also take text analysis, production, lab classes and pre-professional training classes that compliment the workshop classes. Just as an artist uses a sketchbook to work out ideas for a painting, our students use staged readings and video production to develop their work as they write it.

Graduate Seminar in Playwriting I required This course teaches the fundamentals of basic structure in writing for the stage. Students will complete a ten minute play including at least one rewriteand half of a new full length play, with rewrites strongly encouraged.

Lectures and discussions will include exploration of voice, motor, character, conflict, story arc, and theatricality. The balance between clarity and subtlety with a clear tone and attention to dialogue and plot will also be emphasized.

Student work will be read in workshop and critiqued. Students will write the first 60 pages of a screenplay and a 5 to 15 page revised outline for the entire screenplay.

In addition, students will read, analyze and study produced screenplays. Other assignments may be given per instructor discretion. Lectures integrate writing work with presentations emphasizing understanding of basic screenplay structure, theme, story, plot, character development and film language.

An approved show list will be provided during the summer before class begins. Each student will also be expected to complete a breakdown for a second script pilot: This course prepares students for the professional world. It is a required class for all first year graduate students.

It will focus on comedic works in all mediums of comedy starting after the second world war. The class will demonstrate how comedy is a living, evolving thing that reflects where we are as people.


This course will include works from not only theater, film and televisionbut also literature, stand-up, improv, sketch and music.

Texts and examples will be analyzed for character, story, plot, structure, theme and technique. Drama Lab required In this course, actors and writers will work in close collaboration with each other.

They will develop a series of pieces for the stage, and some for the screen. These will be short pieces, some done within one session, and longer works where their development runs over weeks of rehearsal.Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in Spanish.

poetry, creative nonfiction, and translation. Additional workshops will be added to the program as needed. The two elective courses may be in the Creative Writing Program, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, or in another department, with an adviser’s approval.

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