Macro environmental factors affecting fast food industry

These factors include the economic factors; demographics; legal, political, and social conditions; technological changes; and natural forces.

Macro environmental factors affecting fast food industry

Such adaptation is essential to the long-term survival and growth of the business, especially amid aggressive competition. Governmental intervention can determine the rate and path of business development. Nonetheless, this same external factor creates an opportunity for the company to improve its products.

In relation, governments have evolving public health policies, which present a threat and an opportunity for the restaurant chain business. Still, the business can improve through adjustments to provide more healthful options to consumers. Economic changes directly and indirectly influence business performance.

Nonetheless, the company has the opportunity to grow through expansion in high-growth developing markets, such as in Asia. Social trends influence consumer behaviors and, in turn, affect the remote or macro-environment of the business in terms of revenues.

This tendency is also linked to busy lifestyles in urban environments. Inability to do so can reduce the company profits. The company has the opportunity to increase the healthfulness of its menu items. The company needs to address the following technological external factors: Also, the company can apply more automation to maximize productivity, based on the external factor of increasing business automation.

Furthermore, the business can improve its mobile services to reach more consumers via its mobile apps. Based on the technological trend of increasing sales through mobile devices, the company can expect revenue growth through mobile channels.

This company analysis examines the influence of ecological trends on businesses and consumers. The aim of these endeavors is to address the opportunities associated with the rising interest for corporate environmental programs, and the increasing emphasis on sustainable business practices.

On the other hand, changes in climate conditions in some regions threaten the company. Changes in legal systems and new laws shape the remote or macro-environment of businesses by imposing new requirements. However, the same external factor creates an opportunity to improve the business by implementing a comprehensive animal welfare policy, which can attract more customers who are interested in animal welfare.

This recommendation also addresses the threat linked to the healthy lifestyle trend, and the threat associated with health regulations in workplaces and schools. Also, the company can further diversify its supply chain to address the threat of changes in climate conditions in some regions.

It is recommended that the company increase its market penetration in high-growth markets.

Economic Factors Important to Burger King

This recommendation also deals with the opportunity to grow based on rising disposable incomes in various markets around the world.

The strategic goal should include improving the environmental impact of the business, while strengthening the brand and consumer perception about the business.Micro And Macro Environment Of Mcdonalds Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: McDonald’s revolutionized the food industry, affecting the lives both of the people who produce food and the people who eat it.

Some of the Macro environmental factors impacting McDonalds, placing emphasis on the key drivers are. Jun 29,  · Unlike the micro environment of a retail store, companies in the retail industry usually cannot influence or change the macro environment and must adapt to changes as they arise.

Macro environmental factors affecting fast food industry

Economic, Social and Technological macro environmental forces on Pizza fast food industry in Rawalpindi / Islamabad and suggestions for improvement in their performance. All retail companies operate within a “macro environment,” or the sphere of influence outside the company that shapes how companies do business.

Abstract. The environment quality of water, soil and air is degraded increasingly. Therefore we need to raise the prevention of pollution by monitoring environmental quality. Thailand's dramatic economic growth has caused numerous environmental country faces problems with air and water pollution, declining wildlife populations, deforestation, soil erosion, water scarcity, and waste alphabetnyc.coming to a indicator, the cost of air and water pollution for the country scales up to approximately – percent of GDP per year.

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