Leeds university academic writing

The Bachelor of Fine Arts B.

Leeds university academic writing

She runs academic writing workshops for staff, doctoral, masters and undergraduates, and also runs Bridge workshops for final year school pupils, preparing them for the jump from school to university writing. Here, she offers top tips on writing for impact.

Consider these two opening sentences: For western women, the s brought life-changing opportunity: Sentence 1 contains much excellent information. Sentence 2 hits the gut by focussing on what the information in 1 means for real people.

With evidence attached, 2 turns academic: According to Y, the pill changed the dynamics in relationships by allowing women the same sexual freedom as men have traditionally enjoyed Y, date.

For rich impact, writing needs to hit both gut and brain, and often, hitting the gut first clears the pathway to the brain.

leeds university academic writing

Look at your own reaction. Aristotle offered an excellent guide to writing for impact.

leeds university academic writing

Three things, he said, are needed: Mantel gives the dog a name, Bella. She gives Cromwell four words: In a passage you admire, underline the words or phrases that strike home.

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Is it ethos, logos or pathos? Understanding how writing works is half way to making writing work for you.

Of course, different types of writing require different tones, structures and voices. Impact itself is varied and variable depending on context.

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But all writing should aim for impact of some kind.As one of the largest research-intensive universities in the UK, the University of Leeds engages in world-class research across an exceptionally diverse range of disciplines.

We are a School that is seeking to redefine the education and professional development of the children and young people’s workforce. We offer distinctive and creative programmes that are responsive to the changes taking place in society, focusing on the diverse skills required of modern professionals.

Academic skills. [email protected] supports taught students to develop academic skills, within the curriculum and through online resources, workshops, consultations and drop-in sessions. Writing is taught at university, but the focus tends to be on genres of academic writing - essays, reports, dissertations, etc.

In other words, what is emphasised is the structure and discourse of various types of academic writing. Tom Attah, Leeds Art University, Popular Music Performance Department, Faculty Member. Studies Sociology of Music, Digital Media, and Popular Music.

Dr Tom Attah is a practising musician, and Popular Music Performance Course Leader at Leeds Arts Tom’s academic writing includes international peer-review articles and book-reviews. . Understand what referencing is and how you should use it in your academic work.

Find out what your School's referencing style is. Learn how to cite and reference your work according to the recommended styles Leeds Harvard, Leeds Numeric, MHRA and others.

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