Improving oneself

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Improving oneself

Identifying hazards—find out what could cause harm. Assessing risks if necessary —understand the nature of the harm that could be caused by the hazard, how serious the harm could be and the likelihood of it happening. Controlling risks—implement the most effective control measure that is reasonably practicable in the circumstances.

Reviewing control measures—ensure control measures are working as planned. Figure 1 The risk management process Many hazards and their associated risks are well known and have well established and accepted control measures.

In these situations the second step to formally assess the risk is unnecessary. If, after identifying a hazard, you already know the risk and how to control it effectively, you can simply implement the controls.

It should be planned, systematic and cover all reasonably foreseeable hazards and associated risks. Consult workers Consulting workers and their health and safety representatives is required at each step of the health and safety risk management process.

By drawing on the experience, knowledge and ideas of workers, you are more likely to identify all hazards and choose effective control measures. Workers should be encouraged to report any hazards and health and safety problems immediately so that risks can be managed before an incident occurs.

If there is a health and safety committee for the workplace, it should also be engaged in the health and safety risk management process. Identify hazards Identifying hazards in the workplace involves finding things and situations that could potentially cause harm to people.

Hazards generally arise from the following aspects of work and their interaction, including: Some hazards are part of the work process such as mechanical hazards, noise or toxic properties of substances. Other hazards result from equipment or machine failures and misuse, chemical spills and structural failures.

A piece of plant, substance or a work process may have many different hazards. Each of these hazards needs to be identified. For example a production line may have dangerous moving parts, noise, hazards associated with manual tasks and psychological hazards due to the pace of work.

Assess the risks Assessing risk involves considering what could happen if someone is exposed to a hazard and the likelihood of it happening. Carrying out a risk assessment can help you evaluate the potential risks that may be involved in an activity or undertaking. A risk assessment can help determine: A risk assessment should be done when: It is mandatory under the model WHS Regulations to carry out a risk assessment for high risk activities such as entry into confined spaces, diving work and live electrical work.

A risk assessment can be carried out with varying degrees of detail depending on the type of hazards and the information, data and resources you have available.The Social Contract Summer Professor Hirschman wrote this book while in residence at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

How to Set Goals. Whether you have small dreams or lofty expectations, setting goals allows you to plan how you want to move through life.

Some achievements can take a lifetime to attain, while others can be completed in the course of a. Improving Oneself. 2, likes · 2 talking about this.

Improving oneself

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