Ieee copyright dissertation

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Ieee copyright dissertation

Supreme Court, 5 August Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, 11 Jan Admitted to practice in patent cases before the U. National practice of consulting to attorneys on scientific evidence in torts involving technology e.

Consulting Engineer in Private Practice, Lexington, KY Aug to June Specialized in design and applications of surge arresters and suppressors, marketing and safety standards for German products sold in the USA, consulting to attorneys on products liability and patent infringement.

Ieee copyright dissertation

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, August to June Research involved 1 development of novel circuits to protect against damage and upset from transient overvoltages, 2 statistical characterization of disturbances on the ac supply mains, and 3 formulation of design rules and test procedures for overvoltage protection, including development of engineering standards and specifications for standard overstress test waveforms.

Academic activities included teaching introductory and advanced analog electronic classes, advising undergraduate honors students, member EE curriculum committeereorganization of EE laboratory to include computer-controlled test equipment.

Air Force Research Scholar, Sept.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, June to May Full-time undergraduate teaching of analog electronic circuit design, electromagnetic field theory, and transmission line phenomena. Research Assistant to Prof.

Winn May to June Measured simultaneously during thunderstorms the electric field, both at the ground and up to meters aloft, and the current between the ground and trees.

Ieee copyright dissertation

Wrote numerical model to predict relationship of electric field, conductivity of air, and corona current as a function of altitude and time.

Designed and built new field mill electronics to better reject precipitation currents and have greater bandwidth than previous electronics. Moore SummerMay to May Measured electric field, field changes, and charge transfer between the ground and both blunt and sharp lightning rods and wrote a numerical model to predict the response of elevated, grounded conductors to nearby stepped leaders from lightning.

Triggered lightning with a wire-trailing rocket. Measured electric field for onset of corona discharge in coaxial cylinder geometry. Teaching Assistant supervised by Prof. Moore, Sept to May Rewrote freshman physics laboratory manual and taught both freshman and sophomore physics laboratories.

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Bernard Vonnegut July to June Research on corona discharge, ball lightning; did an extensive literature search on atmospheric electricity. Took classes in meteorology and numerical methods. Veterans Administration Hospital, 42nd and Woolworth Ave.

Summer student employeehours as a volunteer during summer Participated in routine neutron activation analysis, gamma ray dosimetry research. July to OctoberMember: April to October Sep to MarSecretary: Sep to MayMember: Apr to Mar April to AugustMember: Awards Langmuir Award for Excellence in Research, Maygiven annually for an outstanding research publication by a student or alumnus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Kunz, Standler, and M. Standler, "Standard Waveforms for Surge Testing: According to Science Citation Index, this paper was cited 62 times between and March According to Science Citation Index, this paper was cited 46 times between and January By 27 Janthis patent had been cited in 40 more recent U.

By 27 Janthis patent had been cited in 20 more recent U.I received the degree from Sharif University of Technology, in , and the Ph.D.

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degree in electrical engineering (with specialization in signal processing) under the supervision of Prof. Peter Stoica at the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden, in Oct.

Ieee copyright dissertation

Before joining UIC, I held research positions at California Institute of Technology (Caltech. Consistently named one of the top Universities in TN and the South, CBU is your home.

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