How to write a letter to the editor scientific journal

Occasionally, those letters might carry such impacty that they merit mention in a formal document or research paper. APA style, created in by a group representing psychology, anthropology and business, provides guidelines for writers in the humanities. It is likely then, that you will need to, at some point, cite a letter to the editor that appears in a scientific journal.

How to write a letter to the editor scientific journal

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Now, introduce your manuscript with a great cover letter. Although many authors hastily compose this document, the cover letter can make or break your chances of publication: Follow the guidelines below to make your cover letter and manuscript stand out.

Feel free to use this template to construct your cover letter, and modify it according to your needs. Heading and salutation The heading includes the name and title of the Editor-in-Chief or handling editor, the name of the journal, and the date.

See a sample heading here. The salutation is a standard greeting e. See a sample opening statement here. Next, provide a brief but compelling description or summary of the most important or interesting findings addressed by your manuscript.

If you have previous publications that provide the context for your study, you can briefly mention them here with the supporting citations. This summary will help to determine whether the editor will consider your paper further.

The summary should be limited to just a few sentences. Consider the following points to help you craft your summary: Why is your study important? What are your most interesting findings? What are the implications and broader significance of the findings? What gaps in the research does your study fill?

After the description of your study, provide a brief statement of how or why the work is relevant to the scope of the target journal and of interest to its readership.

This section should show that you have made a well-informed choice when selecting the target journal for your manuscript. See a sample summary and statement of relevance here.

The final paragraph of the body covers a few formalities see example here. This paragraph should confirm that: The research is original. The manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under consideration by any other journal.

All the authors have approved of the submission of the manuscript to this journal.

How to Cite a Letter to the Editor From a Journal in APA | Pen and the Pad

There are no conflicts of interest. Informed consent was provided humansand appropriate ethical standards were followed humans and animals —if relevant.

Many journals invite or require authors to list recommended peer reviewers for their manuscript and to mention any individuals they would strongly prefer NOT to review the manuscript e. Select these individuals carefully, and keep these statements polite.

I look forward to hearing from you.

How to write an editorial letter?

Key Points Editors want to know that you have selected their journal based on your familiarity with its focus and content and the appropriateness of your work to its scope and readership.*NOTE: In submitting a complex article to a trade, academic, scientific or peer-to-peer journal, the paragraph(s) to explain your article’s concept may be more wordy than if you were to submit a query letter to a consumer magazine.

lies at foundation of scientific and clinical strides Why would anyone write a Letter? • To see name in print • Opinionated about an article • Feel strongly about a health issue • Want to share interesting data (original, cases, etc), but not Letter to the Editor .

Thank you Arash. I mean that they asked me to to write Letter to Editor to publish it in the journal like research article or review or case report.

how to write a letter to the editor scientific journal

Possess a general scientific knowledge of the fields covered in the journal and be skilled in the arts of writing, editing, critical assessment, negotiation, and diplomacy.

Publish original, important, well-documented, peer-reviewed articles on a diverse range of scientific topics of interest to the readership. Mar 06,  · In most of the journals letters are evaluated as other manuscripts.

Submission of a letter, writing rules, and evaluation steps resemble to those required for manuscripts. Most of the editors of the journals expect to receive brief, and clearly comprehensible letters.

Generally, certan limits are set. A letter to the editor provides a means of communication between the author of an article and the reader of a journal, allowing continued dialog about journal content to take place.

Although not original research per se, a letter may provide new insight, make corrections, offer alternate theories, or request clarification about content printed in the journal.

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