Harold hieth s rifles for watie a

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Harold hieth s rifles for watie a

Paperback pages long- it was inanyway- and first published in hardback in by the Thomas Y. In fact, I have never seen another quite like it, before or since. I can't quite say it to be the greatest novel I've ever read- Pat Conroy's "The Lords of Discipline" retains that title with me- but it is a close second, and most of all it is the all-around best novel focusing on the American Civil War that I have ever seen.

I first picked up a copy of "Rifles For Watie" when I was in elementary school.

Rifles for Watie - Wikipedia

I don't recall which edition or printing it was- the copy I have now is a hardcover, second printing- but I recall that I enjoyed reading it immensely and to this day I credit "Rifles For Watie" with greatly increasing my interest in reading. It wasn't even a book we were required to read in class, which was a real shame.

The Henrico County K public school system ignored "Rifles For Watie" but simply couldn't get enough of rubbish like "The Pearl" and "Brave New World", both of which I loathe to this day for the mediocre-at-best works of literature that they are.

I do recall being required to read one Civil War novel at one point- the lamentably bland "Across Five Aprils"- but that isn't much next to the honest, simple brilliance of Harold Keith's novel.

This book's honest, simple, yet deep and complex nature is the very essence of why it's so good.

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1871 deaths It was first published inand received the Newbery Medal the following year.
Report Abuse A Review Essay 1 Jeff enlists in the brotherhood ground forces. I want to travel to fort Leavenworth tomorrow and fall in the Kansas voluntaries.
Mass market paperback, pages List Price: Harold Keith's Rifles for Watie, winner of the Newbery Medal, is similar in that Keith manages to throw just about every Civil War story element into his novel.

It is the result of five years' work by the author, and if you know about him before reading, or learn about him after, you'll realize that Keith really knew what he was writing about. Jefferson Davis Bussey, in the wake of a pro-slavery bushwhackers' attack on his family's farm, decides to head to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and join up.

Several friends living nearby follow him, and they do not return for more than three years. The storyline sees Jeff, honest, stubborn, and brave, stand up to the cruel injustice of the cowardly, self-serving Captain Asa Clardy, go from infantryman to cavalryman to scout, earn a Medal of Honor at the Battle of Prarie Grove, serve in both armies and fall completely in love with a girl whose fiery patriotism and stubborn, hard-headed manner are a perfect match for Jeff's.

He survives when so many around him fall, and is lucky from beginning to end. Jeff is even luckier in that when he finally returns home, having travelled over miles on foot in escaping Stand Watie's army and convinced the bloodhound sent after him to switch sides, he is not cynical, not bitter or in any lasting way mentally or spiritually harmed by war.

He has learned to keep faith when nothing else remains, and to keep going when many would see no point. He single-handedly ends the illicit shipping and sale of Spencer repeating rifles to Stand Watie's troops, done by no other than the treacherous Captain Clardy.

Harold Hieth’s Rifles for Watie: A Review Essay

It is true justice that both Jeff and Clardy both meet the fates each of them deserves. Jeff goes home alive, while the many dark deeds Clardy has committed throughout his life finally return to visit him. Jeff is the kind of young man America and the world will never have enough of- simple, honest, and fierecely dedicated to his chosen causes and ideals.

In my mind, he earned the Medal of Honor many more times than the one he was given it. I'll always wonder why books like this are not more common reading in American schools, public and private. And by the way- since I have begun reading over reviews of this book that others have posted, I feel compelled to comment on the idea of making this book into a movie.

Harold hieth s rifles for watie a

I am if anything opposed to the idea. Because "Rifles For Watie" is a brilliant, truly great work of literature. I have seen many books adapted to film over my 19 years, and while I've seen a few done very well I've seen more done very badly.

I think "Rifles For Watie" should always be kept in printed form, where the imagination reigns supreme and nobody conjures up the images for you.

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The young oaks glowed in livid. The oaks couldn’t seem to agree on an appropriate color; some wore a subdued foliage of and pale, others were gay in and bright. Rifles for Watie Essay test 1 Jeff enlists in the union army. “If by a miracle, a general war could be avoided, soldiers were still needed to halt guerrilla warfare in Kansas, brought by the Missourian proslavery faction across the border, Jeff’s dearest wish was to become a soldier.” (Jeff) 2 Jeff chooses this side because he heard Abraham Lincoln give a .

Harold Keith lived his entire life in Oklahoma, a state that he greatly loved and which served as the setting for many of his books.

Perhaps his best known story, the historical novel "Rifles for Watie", was first released in /5(). Rifles for Watie won the prestigious Newberry Medal the year after it was released, and is considered one of the best children’s novels involving the Civil War ever written.

Harold Keith wrote fifteen published works between and his death in , including sports histories, readers, guidebooks to sports and games, and novels. “Master Harold” and the boys, by the white South African playwright Athol Fugard, is a naturalistic play set in a Tea Room in Port Elizabeth on a rainy day in Harold Hieth’s Rifles for Watie: A Review “Bennett’s main intention in The History Boys is to make the audience laugh” How far .

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