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Italian Harlem[ edit ] Southern Italians and Sicilianswith a moderate number of Northern Italianssoon predominated, especially in the area east of Lexington Avenue between 96th and th Streets and east of Madison Avenue between th and th Streets, with each street featuring people from different regions of Italy. The neighborhood became known as "Italian Harlem", the Italian American hub of Manhattan; it was the first part of Manhattan to be referred to as " Little Italy ". It was the founding location of the Genovese crime familyone of the Five Families that dominated organized crime in New York City.

El barrio

Cashiers sit patiently on high stools, watching shoppers navigate seas of brilliantly colored merchandise. Sitting in a U-shaped curve of the Rio Grande, the Segundo is one of the oldest and most important Mexican-American neighborhoods in the United States.

During the Mexican Revolution, it was home to spies, plotters, journalists, smugglers, and soldiers of fortune.

Pancho Villa, a guerilla fighter enlisted by Madero, came often to meet arms dealers, to sleep with his wife, to eat ice cream from a dainty bowl at the Elite Confectionary.

Less widely known, but equally fascinating, historical figures also found comfort and safety in the barrio. Fall, the corrupt New Mexico senator and key figure in the Teapot Dome scandal, lived in a redbrick building that today houses a notary business. Teresa Urrea, a beautiful woman with miraculous healing powers expelled from Mexico because of her revolutionary activities, lived in the same building decades earlier.

And Mariano Azuela, a former Villista doctor, published the first novel of the Mexican Revolution, Los de Abajo, in a building that once housed the printing press for the Spanish-language newspaper, El Paso del Norte. The barrio, also known as the Second Ward, has been the spiritual home and refuge for hundreds of thousands of people who emigrated from Mexico during turbulent times and fanned out to Los Angeles, Denver, and New York.

Through peso devaluations in Mexico and recessions in the United States, the small businesses in the Segundo have managed to survive by catering to customers no one else cares about: Some of the historic buildings are in need of renovation or repairs.

Miraculously, many have escaped the wrecking ball. Now a powerful alliance of wealthy businessmen, aided by local politicians, is on the brink of seizing the barrio.

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Businesses will be relocated. The redevelopment plan was drawn up behind closed doors over two years by the Paso del Norte Group, a civic organization of wealthy oligarchs, industrialists, real estate developers, and politicos from both sides of the border. Under the plan, roughly acres between Interstate 10 and the Mexican border are targeted for redevelopment.

Nearly acres probably will be bulldozed, and another acres designated a historical zone eligible for tax incentives. From the rubble, city leaders envision a shining new El Paso that will capitalize on its proximity to Mexico, become a destination spot for tourists, stem the drain of young people, create jobs, produce more affordable housing, and erase once and for all the notion that the city is somehow inferior to its distant cousins in Austin, San Antonio, and even Albuquerque.

The plan calls for a joint effort between the public sector and private investors. The city of El Paso will provide the infrastructure and muscle.

Private developers will put up the money, pooling their cash in a financial vehicle called a real estate investment trust, or REIT, that will buy properties. Nor do politicians who once called the area home. Paul Moreno, who grew up in the barrio.

El barrio

Our poverty does not permit it. The city of El Paso, he maintains, is a willing partner because it refuses to take the threat of eminent domain off the table. No one helped us.

We had to work hard every day, days a year, 10 hours a day, to make downtown work.El Barrio [Debbi Chocolate, David Diaz] on alphabetnyc.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Join a young boy as he explores his vibrant neighborhood.

The city shimmers with life—at once a party.

El barrio

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Set on downtown’s quickly emerging 2 nd Ave. North, El Barrio brings an exciting, different flavor to the Birmingham restaurant scene. Inspired by multi-regional Mexican cuisine, urban design and locally sourced ingredients, El Barrio bridges the gap between the typical Mexican restaurant and a .

Barrio Sésamo is the Spanish Sesame Street co-production (literally Sesame Neighborhood). There have been three different versions of the show, beginning in the late 70s and running on and off through All of the shows aired on TV España.

Muppet characters created for the shows include pink.

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