Dean geyer single

He came third in the season of the talent show television series, Australian Idol. He has two younger sisters, Jessica and Tatum, who share his interest in martial arts. He moved to Melbourne, Australia, at age 15 leaving most of his family behind.

Dean geyer single

Early life[ edit ] Geyer was born in JohannesburgSouth Africaas the oldest of three children. He learned to play the guitar, and wrote his first song entitled "Change" which was based on his move from South Africa to Australia.

Dean Geyer | A High School Rockstar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia He has two younger sisters who share his interest in martial arts.
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InGeyer formed a band called "Third Edge" and recorded his original music at Studio Studio 52 then permitted Geyer and his band to perform at the Kool Skools awards night, but they only received a nomination.

This song was praised by the three judges, who unanimously voted to send him through to the Top Geyer survived the culling rounds in Sydney, where the Top are reduced to the Top They became close friends and impressed the judges with their voices and their camaraderie.

Geyer was the first contestant who was accepted by Idol into the top On 28 May, Geyer was the second contestant voted into the top His Disco performance in the Final 8 of " Turn the Beat Around " included a front handspring by Geyer off the side of the stage and a backflip at the end of his performance.

In the weeks leading up to the final of Australian IdolGeyer was selected by both Mark Holden and former Idol judge Ian Dickson as their favourites for winning the competition.

Although Geyer was one of the most popular characters in the behind-the-scenes interviews on Idol Backstagehe was eliminated from the show on 13 November after receiving the lowest amount of votes from home viewers losing out to runner-up Jessica Mauboy and eventual winner, Damien Leith.

In March Geyer performed at the Celebrity Grand Prix in Melbourne in which the singles was unreleased at the time.

Despite a successful first week the album quickly dropped out of the charts due to little promotion and no planned second single. Initially Geyer was to support Young Divas on their nationwide Australian tour but dropped out to instead promote Rush in several in-store appearances and signings.

Geyer worked with Neighbours drama coach Mike Bishop for four months to help prepare himself for the role and he took vocal lessons to work with his South African accent. On 27 MarchGeyer made his on-screen debut to mixed reviews from critics. In November after eight-months on Neighbours Geyer announced he was leaving the series to revamp his music career.

The Beatdown the sequel to the film Never Back Down. The film was shot over the course of four weeks with the rehearsals commencing over two weeks. InGeyer maintained a major-recurring role on the Fox Network Steven Spielberg produced science fiction drama television series Terra Nova. In JulyGeyer was announced to have been cast in a recurring role in the fourth season of the Fox musical comedy drama television series Glee.

Geyer made his first appearance on Glee in the series premiere episode " The New Rachel " which aired on 13 September to over 7. He will appear in 3 episodes. In AprilOrigliasso publicly announced that she and Geyer were engaged. However, the engagement was later called off due to work commitments.


They announced their engagement on 18 December Dean Stanley Geyer (born 20 March ) is a South African Australian singer-songwriter and actor who finished third in the season of the talent show television series Australian Idol, and has had a notable role in the Australian soap .

Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up? Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Dean Geyer, 32, and his partner had split the singer best known for his roles in Glee or Neighbours really single again?.

Dean geyer single

UPDATE 19/09/ This story seems to . 29 videos of Dean Geyer, the guy who played Brody Weston on season four of the Fox hit, and his new fiancée, actress Jillian Murray, having sex found its way onto the internet via an iCloud hack.

Thanksgiving is the eighth episode of Glee's fourth season and the seventy-fourth episode overall. It premiered on November 29, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Quinn and Santana return to McKinley for the holidays. Kurt and Rachel however, decide to stay in New York for Thanksgiving to avoid drama.

"If You Don't Mean It" is a pop song written by Chris Braide, Carl Falk and Didrik Thott, recorded by Dean Geyer for his first album Rush (). Geyer states the song is about a girl who "says she loves him but doesn't show it by her CD, digital download. VideoLightBox Gallery created with Video LightBox, a free wizard program that helps you easily generate beautiful Lightbox-style web video galleries.

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