Commodifying tourism

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Commodifying tourism

Terminology[ edit ] The earliest use of the word commodification in English attested in the Oxford English Dictionary dates from Business and economics[ edit ] See Commodifying tourism While in economic terms, commoditization is closely related to and often follows from the stage when a market changes from one of monopolistic competition to one of perfect competitiona product essentially becomes a commodity when customers perceive little or no value difference between brands or versions.

For example, see Xerox Trademark. Consumers can benefit from commoditization, since perfect competition usually leads to lower prices.

Branded producers often suffer under commoditization, since the value of the brand and ability to command price premiums can be weakened. Examples are counterfeit drugs and generic Commodifying tourism services loss of Usage notes in Wiktionarythe free dictionary.

The terms commodification and commoditization are sometimes used synonymously, [7] particularly in the sense of this article, to describe the process of making commodities out of anything that was not used to be available for trade previously; compare anthropology usage.

Commodificationorigins Marxist political theory is used to describe the process by which something which does not have an economic value is assigned a value and hence how market values can replace other social values.

It describes a modification of relationships, formerly untainted by commerce, into commercial relationships in everyday use. Commoditization early s in business theory is the process by which goods that have economic value and are distinguishable in terms of attributes uniqueness or brand end up becoming simple commodities in the eyes of the market or consumers.

Commodifying tourism

It is the movement of a market from differentiated to undifferentiated price competition and from monopolistic to perfect competition. Cultural commodification[ edit ] American author and feminist bell hooks Gloria Jean Watkins refers to cultural commodification as "eating the other".

By this she means that cultural expressions, revolutionary or post modern, can be sold to the dominant culture. Any interests in past historical culture almost always have a modern twist. According to Mariana Torgovnick: When the dominant culture demands that the Other be offered as sign that progressive political change is taking place, that the American Dream can indeed be inclusive of difference, it invites a resurgence of essentialist cultural nationalism.

Socialist movements are losing their voices on change because members of the "movement" are not promoting the message but participating in a fashion statement. An example of commodification is the colors red, black, and green, which are the colors of the African Liberation Army ALA.

For people of African descent these colors represent red the innocent bloodshed of Africansblack African people and green stolen land of Africa. These colors are marketed worldwide on all types of apparel and clothes. In Marxist theory[ edit ] See also: Commodity Marxism The Marxist understanding of commodity is distinct from its meaning in business.Abstract.

Tourist agency is an area of renewed interest in tourism studies. Reflecting on existing scholarship the paper identifies, develops and critically examines three main approaches to tourism agency, namely the Service-dominant logic, the performative turn, and tourist valorisation.

Slum tourism is not a new phenomenon, although much has changed since its beginning. “Slumming” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in the s, meaning “to go into, or frequent. Martine is a PhD student in human resources management at Lyon II University (France) and works as a consultant in an independent consultancy – AMNYOS – specialized in employment and economic development policies as well as human resources management.

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Feb 25,  · PUNO, Peru—It seems wrong to end a series about the hidden wonders of South America with one of the continent's most celebrated tourist traps. And yet. In terms of representations of space, Hunter found that commodifying images use natural landscapes, cultivated landscapes, heritage/material culture and tourism products.

In terms of representations of subject, Hunter identified four sub-categories, namely No Human Subject, Host, Tourist and, Tourist and Host. The terms commodification and commoditization are sometimes used synonymously, particularly in the sense of this article, to describe the process of making commodities out of anything that was not used to be available for .

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