Business in turkey etiquette and relationships

Meeting and Greeting The traditional hospitality of the Turks determines business etiquette.

Business in turkey etiquette and relationships

During summer, it is very hot in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, therefore trousers, shirt and a tie suffice. For women light summer clothing is acceptable, in some western cities hems are shorter than you may expect, but for business, knee-length is advised.

Consider having a light jacket or sweater to cover shoulders — air conditioning can also be brutal. Meeting and greeting The traditional hospitality of the Turks determines business etiquette.

Although appointments should be made wherever possible, most executives will receive visitors without an appointment if they are able to do so. On initial meetings a good, firm handshake is the norm.

Business in turkey etiquette and relationships

Men may occasionally also Business in turkey etiquette and relationships your arm with their left hand as a sign of warmness. Unlike in the UK, the handshake is not usually used when departing. You may find once the relationship warms up that you are kissed on the cheek. In the business context most women will shake hands with men.

However, this may not be the case in eastern or rural Turkey where people are more conservative. If unsure, wait for the woman to extend her hand.

Making conversation Personal relationships are highly rated, and no visitor should come straight to the business in hand without exchanging a few friendly words first. It is acceptable to ask about family, talk about football a Turkish passion and other sports and hobbies.

Turks say "yes" by nodding their head forward and down, and say "no" by nodding their head up and back while lifting their eyebrows. Wagging your head from side to side doesn't mean "no" in Turkish, it means "I do not understand".

Talk about family, food and sports — they are very suitable icebreakers.

Business meeting planning

Modes of address Turks prefer to communicate directly, so you are advised to phone rather than write to contacts. Turkish businesses are slow to respond to email. Turks answer the phone by saying 'Alo? Turks may also say 'Buyurun', equivalent to saying "at your service".

Turks also tend to use the expression 'hah! Turkish letters are usually addressed with the name of the main street first, then the minor street and then the number of the building.

For officials, you or your interpreter should refer to them by their title. Gifts Do not offer gifts that are too lavish or personal and be sure to check that your Turkish counterparts drink before giving alcohol. The exchanging of gifts is not a predominant feature of Turkish business culture.

However, if a gift is given it will be gratefully accepted. Meetings Business meetings are the time to present your company proposal and to talk about business seriously but do not forget the initial pleasantries. In Turkey, English is the most common foreign language, so most businesspeople speak English.

In Turkey, it is important to shake hands firmly at the start of an introduction and a business meeting. In Turkish business practice it is respectful to address a Turkish professional by his or her occupational title alone, should they have one, e.


However, Turks are generally informal with names and when meeting someone for the first time they tend to address people by "Mr" or "Mrs" followed by their first name.

Business cards should be exchanged. Although there is no formal exchange ritual, you are advised to present your card with both hands and, if possible, have one side of your card translated into Turkish.

Offer your business card to everyone you meet, especially to those with whom you wish to establish a business relationship. Every visitor will immediately be offered coffee or tea; it is impolite to refuse, but you can ask for water. Coffee is served "sade" without sugar and "orta" with some sugar.

Tea comes with one or two lumps on the side. After small talk, start the meeting and discussion by introducing yourself and your business.

In the meeting, it is better if you have both English and Turkish documents about your business.Companies doing business in Turkey are often treated to a wide range of assistance, including hotels, transport, meals and evening entertainment.

Turkish companies can often lean on an extensive network of relationships to provide these without incurring direct costs, or at a substantial discount. Learn about the country etiquette and professional business process.

Turkey - Turkish Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette Meeting and Greeting The traditional hospitality of the Turks determines business etiquette.
Gift giving This is useful for anyone researching Turkish culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and wanting to understand the people better.
A Look at Turkish Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette With the country straddling Asia and Europe across the Bosphorus and sitting within reach of the Middle East, Turkey is a melting pot of Western, Eastern and Arabic influences. Turkey has a large and well-educated population and, due to its political and economic stability, and its strategic geographic location, it has been seen by many international investors as the stepping stone to Central Asia and the Middle East.
Turkey | Etiquette, Customs, Culture & Business Guide Meeting etiquette Business meetings It is a good idea to be familiar with Turkish business etiquette before doing business with the Turks.

The Turkish are renowned for being extremely friendly, polite and hospitable people. (if doing business in Turkey) First Meetings. this could be a sign that the Turks are interested in developing the business relationship further, so ensure that you offer your card in. Business Etiquette For The Holidays: Building Relationships Amid The Perils Of The Season - Kindle edition by Lydia Ramsey.

Business in turkey etiquette and relationships

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Business Etiquette For The Holidays: Building Relationships Amid The Perils Of The Season.5/5(4).

Personal relationships in Turkey are developed to strengthen business relationships. You have to win Turkish people’s trust before doing business with them. In fact, a business relationship is a personal relationship and by winning your business partner’s friendship and trust, that does not necessarily mean that they will trust anyone else.

Learn about meeting etiquette in Turkey to help your business meeting planning. Be prepared for the negotiation process, meeting protocol and the follow up letter with the client.

Turkish business culture guide - Learn about Turkey Personal relationships in Turkey can help to create a network of acquaintances and third party introductions are important for building trusting relationships.

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