Academic writing in kenya

In an earlier postI highlighted the circumstances that led me to become a freelancer in Kenya. In this post, I have broken up these circumstances and highlighted the exact steps you need to take to become a freelancer in Kenya. Have No Job If you want to become a freelancer in Kenya, you should not have a job.

Academic writing in kenya

Apparently, a good number of these people are taking up freelance jobs in Kenya as their full time employment.

The internet has offered Kenyans a wide range of academic writing in kenya and avenues to make money through the online platform. Kenyans can now get jobs on the internet easily and earn heftily for working online at the comfort of their computers.

Kenyans can also join in on the bandwagon and make money writing, designing graphics, programming in Kenya and doing all sorts of things on the internet. If you are a Kenyan and you truly feel that Freelancing is what you should be doing today, there are certain top websites which you cannot choose to overlook.

Here, now is a look at some of the most preferred freelance websites in Kenya today. They are very strict on quality. Jobs are always in plenty, and they are lenient on the quality of work required. In Essayshark you communicate directly with the client, on the price and everything.

Very lenient on everything. No fines, job security and timely payment. Most of the jobs are from Australia, where not much is expected in terms of quality.

Academic Writing Kenya | Everything a Freelance Academic Writer Needs to Know

However, their pay is great and there is usually a constant flow of orders. Edusson — Uses a similar approach with Essayshark. They have the best policies, and they value their writers. Were de-indexed by Google a few months ago, and they launched essayjedii.

The pay is good. However, the company has very strict editors who will pester you with unnecessary edits with each attracting a fine!

academic writing in kenya

There are no tests, no certifications, no nothing. Good place to start from, for new writers.

Communications – Professional Writing

Studyacer — Similar to homeworkmarket. Paperbid — Simple sign-up process. Great place to start off. Few jobs, but it is a take account with good pay. They have a lot of work, but the site is poorly managed. Communication is difficult, pay is very disorganized, and they have scammed quite a number of people.

The rest are Kenyan-run academic writing websites. It can be a good place to start from, but run once you are able to get a better account. They even pay via bank deposits.

But, they place a lot of emphasis on the production of high-quality work. If you are able to successfully work for this bunch, then no other academic writing account will be too hard for you to handle.

If you are still learning the ropes, go ahead get this account. You will certainly learn a lot!Genuine online writing jobs in Kenya. At, writers are allowed to choose a writing category that best suits their abilities. There are content writing jobs as well as academic writing jobs available for you.

academic writing in kenya

Content writing requires you to have top notch grammar and creativity. The Alliance High School (or AHS) popularly known as "Bush", was one of the first schools in Kenya to offer secondary school education to Africans.

It was founded on 1 March by the Alliance of Protestant Churches - The Church of Scotland Mission (later known as the Presbyterian Church of East Africa or PCEA), Church of the Province of Kenya (CPK), African Inland Church (AIC), and the.

Resources. Download Application Forms, University Catalogue, Fees Structure per Programme, Student Corporate email account help and more. PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS Admissions Brochure Student Handbook Fees Structure per Programme Student Corporate email account help Student Joining Instructions / Kenyatta University Calendar Kenyatta University Catalogue - Kenyatta University.

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Academic Writing Kenya | Everything a Freelance Academic Writer Needs to Know